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Collective 28 Years of
Medical Excellence In Eye Care

The Adarsh super speciality eye hospital provides comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis, treatment and continued monitoring follow-up care for all types of conditions of the eye, eyelid, and vision.

The doctor will perform a complete eye evaluation to determine the cause of problems of the eye, eyelid or vision. If a diagnosis has been previously established, monitoring follow-up care is also provided. Treatment may include eyeglasses, contact lenses, medications in the form of eye drops or pills, medical procedures or surgery.


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“Nice environment inside clinic, tremendous caring and checking from Doctor and staff members, I have a great experience, thanks for Deepa M J”

“Too good eye hospital with state of the art facility at Shivamogga at the center of the city... And very good and well informed staff as well.”

“Very good experienced and take good care of patients in adarsh eye hospital...amount also very low its useful for poor patients.”

“It was indeed a great experience. Staff are very considerate and take good care of the patients.”

Excellent hospital with renowned surgeons..”

Doctors and staffs are very good n I am very happy for the service and I am very comfortable n thanku”

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srinivas B.S

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Pavan maddi

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Shilpa D